Koo Hye Sun Starts Anew at IOK Company After Series of Controversies

Actress Koo Hye Sun shared her recent state of affairs.

Koo Hye Sun‘s agency IOK Company recently released a new profile of Koo Hye Sun on its official Instagram. With a caption, “A new profile of actress Ku Hye-sun has been released. The new profile of actress Ku Hye-sun, which focuses attention on the charm of a new look with mature beauty and refreshing beauty”

In the photo, Koo Hye Sun is wearing a black outfit and looking straight ahead with an expressionless face. She has succeeded in dieting and is slimmer than before.

In another photo, Koo Hye Sun is wearing a white outfit, creating an innocent atmosphere. It’s like a photo reminiscent of the beginning of their debut.

On the other hand, Koo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae-hyun divorced actress Ahn Jae-hyun and continued their activities. On November 8th, she signed an exclusive contract with IOK Company. It became a family with actors Go Hyun-jung, Kim Ha-neul, and Kim Kang-woo. Koo Hye Sun will be active as an actress, director, writer, and painter.



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