IU Tests Negative For COVID-19

IU tested negative for the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

EDAM Entertainment, the agency of IU announced on November 11. Read the statement below.

‘Back on November 8, we received the report that someone from an acquaintance’s wedding ceremony, which IU attended, tested positive for COVID-19.
At the exact time and location, IU sang the congratulatory song while wearing her mask, and left the location right after singing. She did not cross paths with the positive confirmed case.
Nonetheless, as a preventative measure, IU and the other staff members present at the location underwent a rapid PCR test. IU and all the staff members received a negative result.
IU will continue to follow all quarantine guidelines, and we will do our best for the safety and health of our artists. Thank you.’

Meanwhile, last November 9 Lim Chang Jung tested positive for COVID-19.  Lim Chang Jung sang a congratulatory song at the wedding of Lee Ji Hoon and Ayane held at the wedding hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.  IU also sang a congratulatory song at the wedding that day, and musical actor Son Jun Ho, who staged another celebration, delivered the news on the 10th of the negative test.


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