GFRIEND Members Met After A Long Time And Burst Into Tears

The girl group GFRIEND met after a long time and burst into tears.

The video that appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Sugar Faun’ on November 1st become a hot topic.

In a video of a wedding scene, six women are on stage.

They are the former members of the group GFRIEND. GFRIEND officially ended their activities on May 22, 2021.

The former members of GFRIEND got together to brighten the occasion when their hair stylist they were close with got married on October 31st of last month. They sang their song ‘Me Gustas Tu‘ as a congratulatory song.

As soon as the song started, the six people were agitated. Yerin (Jeong Yerin) immediately shed tears after hearing.

All six of them sang while holding back their tears. They deliberately performed small movements together as if not to show their emotions.



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