Origin Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Name Gains Attention In Light Of Squid Game’s Popularity

BLACKPINK member Jennie‘s past anecdote about the origin of her name is gaining attention in light of the popularity of ‘Squid Game.

Last year, the global K-pop girl group appeared as a special guest on the JTBC program ‘Knowing Bros,’ and mentioned Lee Jung Jae, the actor who played the lead character on the megahit series ‘Squid Game.

On this day, Jenny explained that most people do not think her name is her real name, and elaborated that her name is a pure Korean name and explained that her name actually has something to do with actor Lee Jung Jae.

She said, “Actually my mom is a fan of Mr. Lee Jung Jae,” and added, “He [Lee Jung Jae] played the role of Jae Hee in the drama ‘Sandglass.’ If my mom gave birth to a son, she planned to name him ‘Jaehee,’ but then she gave birth to a daughter. So she named me ‘Jennie,’ which is similar to Jaehee.”

Jenny actually met Lee Jung-jae and explained the background of the name. Lee Jung-jae is also said to be a fan of BLACKPINK, so he was surprised and delighted to find out that Jenny’s mother was his fan.

In an interview conducted on Netflix in September, Lee Jung-jae said, “After watching the trailer for ‘BLACKPINK: Light the World’, I realized that BLACKPINK was created and became the world’s No.1 girl group through the fierce competition. I realized people can work that hard. “ he continued, “that’s how I became a fan of BLACKPINK.” He added that he even recommended it to fellow actor Park Hae-soo.

It was last year when Jenny made that statement. At that time, Lee Jung-jae was not as influential in the United States as in Korea. Since BLACKPINK was already a well-known artist abroad, domestic online community users predict that overseas fans will be surprised when they find out about the relationship between the two.

Squid Game‘, starring Lee Jung-jae, became the biggest hit among Netflix original works, as more than 140 million households worldwide watched it within 4 weeks of its release. Director Hwang Dong-hyeok announced at an event held in Los Angeles, USA that he would return with season 2 of ‘Squid Game’.



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