Park Bo Gum Proudly Shared He Was Promoted As Sergeant In The Military

Actor Park Bo-gum revealed his recent status with the rank of sergeant.

On the afternoon of November 9th, Park Bo-gum took on the stage as one of the MC at the 76th anniversary of the founding of the Navy, held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul.

When Park Bo-gum greeted the female announcer in charge of the host, “You’ve become more dignified than last June,” he replied, “That’s right.”

The annoucer continued, “When you were in Busan in June, you are Corporal Park Bo-gum, but now, as of November 1,  I heard you were promoted to Sergeant and became Sgt. Park Bo-gum.”

When greeted  that his rank had changed, Park Bo Gum quickly replied, “That’s right. The insignia is full.” proudly pointing to the four lines of clear sergeant’s insignia.

On this day, Shin In-seon, a former Navy PR team member who set up the stage with Kim Hee-jae, a former Mr. Trot, posted on his SNS, “I made memories with MC Park Bo-gum. He is about to be discharged from the military on April 30, 2022.” He posted a two-shot photo.

He also said, “I was moved by not only excellent facilitation skills, but also because they showed a really, really, really, really, very moving personality.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum is scheduled to be discharged on April 30 next year.

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