Will Kim Seon Ho Attend the 2021 Asia Artist Awards Ceremony?

Actor Kim Seon Ho is running 1st in the popularity vote of the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards‘ (hereinafter referred to as 2021 AAA) despite the controversy over his private life.

Kim Seon-ho is currently ranked first in the male actor category in the 2021 AAA U+Idol Live Popularity Award voting. He is leading the way with over 530,000 votes. There is a difference of more than 86,000 votes from Cha Eun-woo, who is in second place.

The 2021 AAA U+ Idol Live Popularity Award is a popular voting award for singers and actors who have been active for one year from October 2020. Kim Seon-ho participated in the 2020 AAA last year and won the Best Emotive Award for Actors.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho was briefly expelled from the advertising industry due to controversy over his personal life is facing a reversal as public opinion changes. Kim Seon-ho and the companies he had lost quickly resumed advertising, and the movie ‘Sad Tropical’ will start filming within this year without getting off.

As news of advertisements and acting comeback spread, a green light was lit on Kim Seon-ho’s activities. Attention is focused on whether Kim Seon-ho will be able to make a comeback and attend the awards ceremony and win the Popular Male Actor Award.

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