Actor Lee Jung Jae Strongly Requested Squid Game Director to Produce Season 2

On November 8th, on the official YouTube channel of Lee Jung-jae’s agency, Artist Company, A video titled ‘Season? Behind the Squid Game by Lee Jung-jae’ was uploaded.

In the video, Lee Jung-jae was asked about the possibility of having a Season 2 for Squid Game. He said, “That question is what we actually asked to the director (Director Dong Hyuk Hwang) several times, as filming. But at that time, he was just doing his best to make the drama. And he mentioned that it’s going to be difficult to move on from there. That’s why I thought that we might not get the second season. “

Still, Lee Jung-jae said with a smile, “But now, so many people are showing love for Squid Gam. Not making season 2 would mean not paying back to everyone who showed their support until now. So, director Dong Hyuk Hwang! You must make the Season 2”

The video crew also asked Lee Jung-jae, “There are many predictions for the Squid Game Season 2 Scenario”

Lee Jung-jae said, “There are various imaginations from the viewers such as ‘Ha-joon Wi just fell, he didn’t die’, ‘He shot his shoulder on purpose so he didn’t die’, ‘Was Il-nam actually dead’. There are endless theories”

He also said, “As the years go by, there are fans who support and support me, so this is my driving force.”

Netflix’s Korean original ‘Squid Game‘, which was released on September 17, topped the charts in 94 countries. It tells the story of people who participated in a mysterious survival game with a prize of 45.6 billion won, risking their lives to become the ultimate winner.

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