Min To Release Her New Solo Track And Album ‘ONION’

Min, a former member of Miss A will release a new song ‘ONION’ in several online music sites today at 6pm KST.

This new song ‘ONION’ is a song of the future pop genre with fresh and lively lyrics and melody. The producer is Frants, who is currently working under Big Hit Music . The said producer also contributed in the albums of JYP Entertainment artists such as Wonder Girls, GOT7, DAY6, TWICE, and Sunmi in the past.  Marshall and Min jointly participated in writing and composing the lyrics.

As for the feature, Jang Seok-hoon, who was active as a soldier in the Barming Tiger Crew, will participate and show the color of the song more clearly.

Regarding the new song ‘ONION’, Min said, “Everyone in the world has various aspects as well as what they know for themselves. It was a song that I came up with while realizing that I have to accept it and accept it well.”

Min look forward for a dignified start as a new female solo artist through a mature and deeper charm that is different from the girl crush with intense performance or the cute, flirty image that she has shown before through this new song.

Min, who led her former girl group Miss A as the group’s main vocalist, has received received the grand prize in the shortest time in the past and left an all-time impact. Moreover, she already honed her skills long time ago and is now foretelling a full-fledged solo career.

Meanwhile, Min‘s new song ‘ONION’ will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 8th. At 8 pm, the live version of ‘ONION’ will be released for the first time through ‘It’s Live’ on the MDR channel.



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