Bang Si Hyuk Spotted With Cast on Leg and Foot Due to Injury

The daily life of Bang Si Hyuk, a composer and HYBE chairman, was revealed.

Fashion designer Yoni P posted a photo taken with Bang Si Hyuk on his Instagram on November 6th. She explained, “Our chairman Bang Si Hyuk whom I respect so much in real life and has achieved the biggest success among everyone I know. But, he is forever the Si Hyuk oppa who buys me good food. “

In particular, it was reported that Bang Si Hyuk had a leg injury and came to meet the designer couple Yoni P and Steve J in a wheelchair. Designer Yoni P said, “He even injured his leg and yet he visited the cafe in a wheelchair. He liked how there were many people. He even sent me a photo that we took 10 years ago, saying that it’s already been 10 years since we’ve known each other. He’s a sweet man, if you get to know him! I’m always so proud~ I always root for your amazing road ahead.” she added.

Bang Si Hyuk is not in a wheelchair in the photo, but is wearing shorts for a leg cast. A photo of Yoni P and her husband Steve J together with Bang Si Hyuk 10 years ago was also released. The three of them attracted attention with a sophisticated atmosphere that was hard to believe that it was 10 years ago.

Bang Si Hyuk surprised everyone by appearing with a remarkably sharper visual in the ‘NEW BRAND PRESENTATION’ held on YouTube in March. Previously, the appearance of his weight gain continued to be revealed through various media, and some netizens expressed concern about his health.

Bang Si Hyuk discovered BTS, which has grown into a global group. Currently, he is in the chairmanship position after changing the name of Big Hit Entertainment to HYBE for business expansion.

As of July, HYBE’s stock price rose and his assets were reported to have reached $3.2 billion.



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