Actress Honey Lee is Reportedly Dating a Non-celebrity Boyfriend

Actress Lee Ha-nui has fallen in love.

As a result of the coverage of Sports Seoul on November 8th, it is known that Honey Lee is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend and is seriously thinking about the future.

An entertainment industry official said, “Lee Honey met her non-celebrity boyfriend through an acquaintance earlier this year. She already introduced her boyfriend to a couple of insiders. I have a feeling there may be good news in the near future.”

It is said that Honey Lee’s boyfriend became a strong support in her busy and difficult life in the entertainment industry. Also, sources say that Honey Lee, who has a bright and positive personality, relied on her boyfriend with a wide understanding of her.

Until last week, Honey Lee was busy filming for the SBS drama ‘One the Woman’, but it was also her boyfriend who gave her the most support and encouragement.

Another official said cautiously, “It seems that the two are talking about marriage,” but “I am very careful as it is a meeting between a celebrity and a non-celebrity. However, since they both have strong faith and each other’s age, I would like to congratulate them on their relationship first.”

On the other hand, Lee Honey made her debut in the entertainment industry as a former Miss Korea Jin in 2006 and ranked 4th in the Miss Universe since then.

She is regarded as a sincere actress who has steadily built up her filmography in dramas and movies, and has risen to the top as a leading actress. In particular, in ‘One the Woman’, one of the top leading roles, she received favorable reviews for her high-level action and two-person roles.

Active not only in the small screen but also on the screen, she showed extraordinary acting skills in many works such as the movies ‘Tazza – Hand of God’, ‘Robot Sound’ and ‘Extreme Job’.

The sequel is also gorgeous. Director Choi Dong-hoon’s ‘Alien + Human’ and director Lee Hae-young’s ‘Ghost’ are about to be released.



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