A Music Video Producer Speaks up And Share About How Kim Seon Ho Convinced His Agency to Appear in Park Hye Kyung’s MV for Free

More people are raising their voices in support of Kim Seon Ho.

Producer A, who introduced himself as singer Park Hye-kyung’s comeback song producer, posted on Instagram on November 5th, “I have an episode related to Kim Seon-ho, so I’m writing one letter. Based on what I experienced firsthand, I will definitely write one letter down.”

Person A said, “As those of you who know me, when I was conducting Park Hye-kyung sunbaenim’s comeback song, I recommended Kim Seon-ho as the male lead in the title song’s music video, so I had a meeting with Kim Seon-ho’s company manager. He was active as a member and was in the ranks of stars who made his face known in dramas and advertisements,” he explained the situation at the time.

He said, “As those in the industry know, the recognition and celebrity status at the time were quite expensive. Since he was such an entertainer who was expensive to call, the company naturally demanded an appropriate amount (it wasn’t a huge amount),” he said. “I knew it was an unreasonable request because I had to reduce the production cost, but I asked the person in charge to compromise.”

He continued, “I talked to Kim Seon-ho and said that he would contact me, but I didn’t expect much because I thought he was doing this as a courtesy.” Moreover, he said that it would be an honor to appear in an industry senior’s comeback work, and he told me to proceed without an appearance fee. I was very grateful for this part. Rather, Seonho’s heart that he persuaded the company…”

Person A said, “Usually, if you are close, you may appear as a no-pay, but they were artists that you did not know at all, and it was the first meeting between me and Kim Seon-ho’s company. “, he added.

A said, “I was so grateful that you even said that you would appear without a fee, so we wanted to give more, so our company tried to pay more. The appearance was not made due to the revision of the song. Personally, I was very sorry,” he said in the end.”

A continued, “I was grateful for his kind heart of choosing to star in an MV, which requires multiple shooting of the same scene and requires so much energy and time, for free. I’d like to say thank you again through this post.”

Finally, Mr. A said, “Fortunately, it seems like the public opinion and people are slowly changing their mind (about Kim Seon Ho). And that makes me glad, even though I have no relation with him whatsoever. I hope to see him promoting actively again.”

On the other hand, Kim Seon-ho has been at the center of controversy after his ex-girlfriend’s. However, after that, a new phase was reached as the texts and dating circumstances that MS. A and Kim Seon-ho actually shared were revealed in detail. The character testimonials from actor Lil, staff, and alumni continued, and advertisements from advertisers were re-exposed, and the casting for the next project was confirmed again.



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