VIVIZ Eunha To Feature in Producer and Singer-songwriter ADORA’s Solo Debut Song ‘MAKE U DANCE’

Producer and singer-songwriter ADORA makes her official debut with her self-composed song ‘MAKE U DANCE’.

On the morning of November 1st, Adora’s agency Ora Entertainment announced, “The group VIVIZ’s Eunha will feature in Adora’s debut song ‘MAKE U DANCE’, which will be released on November 5th.”

Adora has been revealing her colorful charms through her Dingo YouTube content ‘Thing Songs’ since last October 23. As a fan of Highlight, Adora, who received a warm response from fans when she released a fan song she made 12 years ago, met with Highlight members Yoseob Yang and Dongwoon Son to discuss her concerns as a singer. Some of them were released, and Yang Yoseob rave about it, saying, “It’s like music you can see on Billboard, not on charts in Korea.”

Then, through her teaser video, it was revealed that her bettor VIVIZ Eunha participated in the featuring of her debut song ‘MAKE U  DANCE’. Adora not only leads her recording professionally, but also shows her chemistry with Eunha with her cheerful and bright atmosphere, raising her expectations for her music release.

Meanwhile, Adora has been working as an in-house producer under Big Hit Music (hereafter Big Hit) and has been recognized for her skills by participating in many representative songs and songs of BTS and Tomorrow by Together, such as ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Not Today’. She is a producer and singer-songwriter.

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