Christian Lagahit a Filipino Actor from ‘Squid Game’ Talks About How He Was Racially Discriminated in South Korea

Filipino actor Christian Lagahill, who appeared and gained worldwide popularitt in Netflix’s original Korean drama ‘Squid Game’, revealed the racial discrimination he suffered in Korea.

In an interview published on the YouTube channel of ‘Asia Boss’ on the October 24th (KST), he confessed to the case of racial discrimination in Korea. Meanwhile, Christian Lagahill is an actor who appeared in the 4th episode of Squid Game with jersey number 276. While looking for a team member to play the game, he met Pakistani worker Abdul Ali (no. 199 jersey number) and performed an Islamic greeting. He started living in Korea as an English teacher in 2015, and has been working as a minor actor since 2017. He has appeared in ‘Negotiation’ and ‘Seungriho’ and is gaining great popularity in his home country with ‘Squid Game’ as an opportunity.

In the YouTube video (around 24:28), Legahit explained that it was when he seated on the town bus, and some passengers were standing. He confessed “One of the passengers, a woman in her late fifties, was staring at me,” Lagahit said. “A few minutes later, something hit me in the face and I was startled. She had tossed cabbage in my face.” “I was wearing glasses at that time, but when I picked up the glasses that fell to the ground, they were already broken,” he explains. Legahit approached the woman and said, ‘I’m sorry, but what’s going on? ‘Why did she throw vegetables in my face?’ she asked, but she said she said to herself, ‘Get off the bus because I’m not Korean’. He added, “The most difficult thing was that no one cared about me. There were many passengers, but no one helped me.” Lagahit later said, “I was just crying there. I couldn’t get off and take a taxi. There was nothing I could do. What I don’t understand is that no one helped me.” When a woman got off the bus, she said, “You foreigners are bad people,” she said. “I still remember those words.”

When asked about other cases of racial discrimination, he said, “My friends have also heard bad things about me.” “When I sit on the bus, no one wants to sit next to me. There were women who asked me to move to another place.”

‘Asian Boss’ who interviewed  Lagahit has 3.27 million YouTube subscribers, and the video has recorded over 230,000 views as of October 31st. Filipino netizens who heard this news responded absurdly through comments and SNS, such as “Racism also happens among Asians” and “How can Asians discriminate against other Asians?”



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