Actress Kang Ye Won Tested Positive For COVID-19

Actress Kang Ye Won was infected by COVID-19 after completing the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The actress posted a photo of her completing her vaccination in her personal SNS account on October 26.

According to the published photos, Kang Ye Won completed the Pfizer vaccination on August 19th.

Kang Ye Won said, “Everyone, be careful. Even after the second vaccination,” she added that the first and second vaccinations were completed, but the infection broke through.

J-Wide Company confirmed on the 25th that Kang Ye Won was diagnosed with Corona 19. In accordance with the recommendations of the drama shooting site, she was frequently tested for corona, and the test until the 21st was negative. “I was confirmed positive after a voluntary test,” the actress said.

She continued, “There was no drama filming after the 18th, so there was no contact with the staff, and all close staff including the manager tested negative. Kang Ye Won is in self-quarantine according to the guidelines.”

Kang Ye Won is currently filming JTBC’s new drama ‘Only One Person’. It was reported that there was no problem with the filming.



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