Kim Seon Ho Currently Running 1st for Popularity Award In 2021 Asia Artist Awards Despite Personal Life Controversy

Actor Kim Seon-ho is currently running first in the popular vote of ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’ despite the controversy over his personal life.

As of 7:10pm on the October 24, Kim Seon-ho is currently ranked first in the male actor category in the U+Idol Live Popularity Award voting held at the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’.

Kim Seon-ho, who currently receives 77,289 votes, maintains the lead with a difference of 36,069 votes from second-placed Cha Eun-woo.

The ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’, which will be held on December 2nd, selects winners based on big data targeting global fans and proceeds with a fairer and more transparent award. In particular, the ranking of the artists who have been active this year is decided by the popularity vote of the fans, and the popularity award is awarded to the artist who finished first in each category.

Voting is divided into 1st and 2nd rounds, and you can vote on the website.

The first round of voting begins on the October 22nd and runs until 11:59 pm on the 5th of November. Candidates for the second round of voting for each category are selected according to the number of votes collected, and the star with the most votes will be awarded Popularity Award at the AAA Awards according to the second round of voting held from early November to November 15.

Despite the controversy over his personal life, Kim Seon-ho is maintaining the first place in the Popularity Award in the Male Actor category.

On the other hand, last October 17, on an online community, an article titled ‘I will expose the dual and shameless reality of popular actor K’ was posted. Person A, who posted the post, claimed that she had been in a relationship with Actor K, and that Actor K encouraged an abortion and unilaterally announced the breakup.

Netizens who saw this speculated that Actor K was Kim Seon-ho based on the contents of the post.

As the controversy grew out of control, Kim Seon-ho made a statement through his agency. He did not specifically mention the allegations of abortion, but he said, “I met her with good feelings. In the process, I hurt her with my negligence and thoughtless actions.”

After that, it was reported that Kim Seon Ho and Ms. A had an apology conversation, and the case was closed.



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