Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Denies Rumors About His Contract Expiration Promised To Be Together Until The End

Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment has now shared additional information regarding the status of his contract.

Kim Seon-ho’s agency said, “The rumor that the contract expires in September is groundless, and it is not the time to discuss contract renewal.”

While actor Kim Seon-ho was engulfed in rumors of a conflict with his agency after the controversy over his personal life, the agency said that he had more than a year left on his contract and that they would be with him until the end.

In a phone call with this magazine on the morning of the October 22, Salt Entertainment said, “The rumor that the contract will expire in September is not true at all.” It’s not even the time to do it.”

Then, when the reporter asked if the contract would be renewed, the agency promised to take a step of loyalty, saying, “We will be together until the end.”

Earlier, after the ‘disclosure of personal life’, there was a report that Kim Seon-ho’s contract with his current agency had expired in September.



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