SALT Entertainment Denies Accusations On Kim Seon Ho’s Personality From Someone That Claims To Be His University Schoolmate

It has been argued that actor Kim Seon Ho, who is suspected of persuading her ex-girlfriend to have an abortion, caused several accidents even when he was attending Seoul Institute of the Arts in the past due to his strong female affiliation and hot-blooded personality.

On the 21st, a person who claimed to have gone to the same college as Kim Seon Ho has made an online post on Nate Pann with the actor’s college graduation photo.

The anonymous person revealed, “I don’t know why only now his reckless past has come to light. However, I feel relieved and satisfied. You reap what you sow.” The person continued, “I’m writing this with the hope that he’d come to his senses and use this as an opportunity to reflect on his actions.”

In the post, the user wrote, “The kind and hardworking actor that everyone knows is actually a very different person in his real life. When we went to college together, he loved partying and drinking. Plus, he had many women in his life, and he had never been faithful to any of them.”

Plus, the user claimed that Kim couldn’t control his temper with others, saying, “When we had a group project, I often had to stop him from starting a fight with someone who disagreed with him. He would swear or throw a fist at whoever upsets him. Everyone was terrified by him and how he changes when he gets upset. So, we just did what he wanted to do.”

The accuser also explained how he treated his friends and staff poorly, with condescending looks, and how he enjoyed gossiping about them. The person then stressed, “What you see is not everything. Don’t be fooled by the good of Actor K.”

However, on October 22, 2021, Kim Seon Ho’s agency, SALT Entertainment, firmly denied the posting and stated that it was all false.



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