Han So Hee Will Attend At ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’ On December 2

Actress Han So Hee, who is achieving global popularity with her newest Netflix series ‘My Name’, confirmed her attendance to the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’ for two consecutive years.

Han So Hee is putting her strength in her colorful lineup, announcing her scramble for the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘2021 AAA’) to be held on December 2nd.

Han So Hee, who challenged acting through the SBS drama ‘Reunited World’ in 2017, has slowly built up her filmography through ‘Money Flower’, ‘My Lady of 100 Days’, and ‘Abyss’. In particular, Han So Hee left a remarkable impression by playing the role of ‘Da-kyung Yeo’ in ‘The World of the Married’, won the Rookie of the Year Award (actor category) at the ‘2020 Asia Artist Awards’ and she became a trending star.

Han So Hee‘s actions this year are even more dazzling. In June, Han So Hee , who proved her true value with a dizzying youthful romance through JTBC’s ‘Knowing You’, made a 180-degree transformation with high-intensity action and delicate emotional acting in the Netflix original drama ‘My Name’, produced by Studio Santa Claus, released on the 15th. She has established herself as an actress without limits. According to ‘Flix Patrol’, a global OTT content ranking site, ‘My Name’ ranked 3rd in ‘Today’s Top 10’ in Korea (as of October 20, 2021), followed by ‘Netflix World’s Top 10 TV Programs’. It ranked 3rd in the category (as of October 21, 2021) and proved the competitiveness of K-contents.

Previously, Lee Jung-jae, Lee Seung-gi, Yoo Ah-in, and Spear Han So-hee have confirmed to attend ‘2021 AAA’, and expectations for the awards ceremony are growing by strengthening the all-time lineup. In addition, the first preliminary voting to determine the RET Popularity Award of ‘2021 AAA’ was opened at noon on the 13th, and global fans are paying keen attention.



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