Ahn Bo Hyun Teams Up With 1st Look Magazine In His Latest Pictorial

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun, who is appearing frequently through his recent dramas ‘Yumi’s Cells’ and Netflix’s ‘My Name’, posed in front of the camera for 1st Look Magazine solo pictorial.

When asked about the charm of Goo Woong, who acted in ‘Yumi’s Cells’, Ahn Bo Hyun said, “He is sincere despite his honesty, absurdity, and innocence.” It’s good to have a clear self-subjection,” he said, expressing his affection for the character.

I asked what it would be like to see Bo-hyun falling in love as in the drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’, saying, “In front of the person you like, talk less and keep your distance. They don’t have a relationship. I want to do anything and I’m an all-in type of person who wants to do good things.”

What are the similarities with Detective Jeon Pil-do, who played in the recently released Netflix original series ‘My Name’? Ahn Bo Hyun said, “He looks strong, but he looks weak in front of the wounds of the other person. Jeon Pil-do is a character who suffers alone and overcomes alone,” said Ahn Bo Hyun. I took the character while thinking about the good things,” he explained.

When acting, I asked Ahn Bo Hyun, who is more thorough than anyone else, about the part where I want to be ‘this is very generous’. “I’m a lot more lazy than before. I collected separate collection, laundry, and dishes, etc., and then did it all at once. I always put it away right away and there was no such thing as ‘I’ll have to do it later’, but it has changed. It seems a lot harder. replied with a smile.

Ahn Bo Hyun‘s pictorial and interview were published in First Look No. 228.



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