[PHOTOS] Jung Ho Yeon talks about ‘Squid Game’ with Marie Claire Korea

Actor Jeong Ho-yeon, who has recently been loved by fans around the world for his Netflix series , released an interview with the Chanel Beauty Holiday Collection beauty pictorial through the November issue of .

In the published pictorial, Jung Ho-yeon showed off a holiday makeup with a subtle luster. She completed a lovely makeup look by creating a cold red-toned lip and blush on her transparent shiny skin. The Chanel Holiday Makeup Collection was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of N°5, inspired by the style code of N5.

In the interview that followed, Jeong Ho-yeon said that it was only a month after was released that she was able to accept the current situation that is gaining worldwide popularity. She also mentions “strength” as her first impression of and said, “The game is of course important, but I felt that various factors such as the relationship between the characters and the society formed in the work were intertwined.”

As it was her first work as an actress, she said that she tried to do her best in what she could do. And, “I know that my life will continue to change, but I hope that I will continue to live as Jeong Ho-yeon.”

More pictorials, interviews, and videos of actor ‘Jeong Ho-yeon’, who faces the changing life with a single mind, can be found in the November issue of and on the Marie Claire website (www.marieclairekorea.com).



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