Yoon Jong Hoon To star In Upcoming TvN Drama ‘Shooting Star’

Confirmed! Yoon Jong Hoon is one of the main characters for the upcoming tvN drama ‘Shooting Star‘.

tvN’s ‘Shooting Star‘ means ‘Starry people who clean up the poop of the stars’. It is a romantic comedy depicting the real story of people who shed blood, sweat and tears to make them shine from behind the stars like the stars in the sky. .

Yoon Jong Hoon plays the role of Kang Yoo-seong, the main character in the play. Kang Yoo-seong is a management team leader with a warm appearance that can be mistaken for an actor, gentle manners, and smartness. Literally, they are ‘shooting stars’ (the people who clean up the dung of stars).

Meanwhile, Yoon Jong Hoon played the role of Ha Yoon-cheol in the SBS drama ‘Penthouse‘, which ended in September, and received great love for his acting as a fatal villain. He is a ‘trustworthy actor’ who has grown with his strong acting skills and changeable character transformation in big works such as ‘Emergency Man and Woman’, ‘Return’, and ‘The Man’s Memory’.

Currently, he is appearing in his first reality challenge, tvN’s entertainment program ‘Don’t Hurt’, which showcase the innocent charm of reality Yoon Jong Hoon not actor Yoon Jong Hoon.

‘Shooting Star‘, which starred Yoon Jong Hoon was directed by Lee Soo Hyun, who directed ‘The Man’s Memory’, ‘Day and Night’, and ‘Come to the Witch’s Restaurant’, and wrote the screenplay by Choi Young-woo.


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