Wi Ha Joon Reportedly To Star As Male Lead In Upcoming tvN Drama ‘Little Women’

Actor Wi Ha Joon, who made a mark on the world with ‘Squid Game’, will be the main character of ‘Little Women’.

On October 19, a representative from the entertainment industry told Sports Chosun, “Wi Ha Joon will be the main character of the new drama ‘Little Women’ (written by Jeong Seo-kyung, directed by Kim Hee-won).” ‘Little Women’ is a work that tells the story of three sisters who are good friends, a female epic drama led by the sisters. Kim Go-eun and Nam Ji-hyun have already received the script and are discussing it positively, and Wi Ha Joon is selected as the male lead, continuing her career as a ‘world star’.

‘Little Women’ is expected as a collaboration between director Kim Hee-won, who has already created ‘Money Flower’ and ‘Vincenzo’, and writer Jeong Seo-kyung, who has been in charge of screenplays such as ‘Bat’ and ‘The Handmaiden’, and boasted delicate writing skills with the drama ‘Mother’. A bar that collects . It is a new work by director Kim Hee-won, who achieved both work and box office ratings with ‘Vincenzo’, which broke the 14% viewership rating, attracting attention.

Ha-Jun Wi is an actor who made his face known through the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’, which is gaining popularity worldwide. In the play, he disassembled as a police officer Junho and was active enough in the ‘squid game’. In addition to this, he has also accumulated filmography with ’18 Again’, ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’, the movies ‘Gonjiam’, ‘Girl Cops’, ‘Shark’, and ‘Midnight’. Recently, with Lee Dong-wook and Han Ji-eun, ‘ In the middle of filming as the main character of ‘Bad and Crazy’. Expectations continue for Wi Ha Joon, who has become more powerful after ‘Squid Game’.

‘Little Women’ made by Studio Dragon has completed casting in the second half of the year and will begin filming.



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