Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yeop & Heo Jun Ho To Star In The Upcoming SBS Drama ‘Why Oh Soo Jae’

On the 19th, SBS’ new drama ‘Why Oh Soo-jae’ (played by Kim Ji-eun, directed by Park Soo-jin, produced by Bo Media) confirmed that actors Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yeop & Heo Jun Ho will appear on the said drama.

‘Why Oh Soo-jae’ is a painful but thrilling story of Oh Soo Jae ( Seo Hyun Jin), a coldhearted lawyer who has become empty while chasing only success in life, and Gong Chan ( Hwang In Yeop), a law school student who is willing to do anything just to protect her. The story of two people whose lives have been turned in the wrong direction which was caused by a wrong choice, and they are trying to escape from the depths of the abyss, raises expectations for the birth of a different ‘mystery melodrama (LAW)’. Above all, the interesting combination of Seo Hyun Jin , Hwang In Yeop, and Heo Jun Ho raises expectations from the fans.

Seo Hyun Jin takes on the role of ‘Oh Soo-jae’, a star lawyer who swallows regret and becomes poisonous, and carries the drama hard. Oh Soo Jae is the youngest partner lawyer at a leading TK law firm and one of the top ace recognized by others. Equipped with a fighting spirit that made anyone kneel, and self-righteousness that has nothing to fear in the world, he ran terribly and desperately for perfect success. The direction of his life has been seriously changed by the wrong choice he believed to be an opportunity for success, but he is heading for a higher place with poison instead of regret. Seo Hyun-jin, who is absolutely trusted by the public, unleashes Oh Soo Jae, who hides an empty inner side stained with scars in a cold face with a large-scale acting.

Hwang In Yeop portrays the role of Gong-chan, a law school student who reaches out to Oh Soo-jae, who has fallen into the abyss. Gongchan, a warm young man, has a unique empathy that can look into people’s hearts. It seems like a life without curves, but he also has a painful past with a twisted fate. A fateful encounter with Oh Soo-jae, who was pushed out as an adjunct professor at a law school after being caught up in an unexpected incident, meets a change. Gongchan makes Oh Soo-jae realize what love is for Oh Soo-jae, who pushes himself into hell. Attention is focused on the exciting transformation of Hwang In Yeop, who will show off a special romantic chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin.

Heo Jun Ho ‘s performance is also not to be missed. The TK law firm’s chairman, Choi Tae-guk, in charge of him, is a person who is faithful to his desires. A person who freely crosses the boundaries of good and evil in order to realize his desires. He is observing Oh Soo-jae, who hides his inner feelings and is loyal to him. Expectations are high that the sparking acting synergy created with Seo Hyun Jin, who plays Oh Soo Jae, who will set up a tight confrontation angle, will be another point of observation.

Meanwhile, ‘Why Oh Soo Jae’ is directed by Park Soo-jin and rookie writer Kim Ji-eun, who co-directed ‘Penthouse’, ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’, and ‘While You Were Sleeping’, and received favorable reviews for detailed and sensuous directing through ‘Praise of Death’. has concurred. The scheduled broadcast will be on the first half of 2022.



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