AESPA’s ‘Savage’ Dominated The Melon’s Weekly Chart For The 3rd Week Of October

Girl group Aespa topped Melon’s weekly chart with their new song ‘Savage’.

Melon confirmed on the 19th that Aespa topped the weekly chart for the 3rd week of October (October 11 to October 17) with the title song ‘Savage’ of the first mini-album ‘Savege’ released on the 5th.

In the first week of their comeback, Aespa , who succeeded in entering the charts at No. 4, received the full support of users and climbed 3 steps compared to the previous week to take the first place.

‘Savage’, a trap genre song centered on strong drum and bass sounds, is loved by the public for its unique rap and powerful ad-libs expressed by the members, giving it a strong addiction. In particular, Aespa drew attention by actively promoting promotions using Melon’s short form and text message functions ahead of this comeback. In line with the comeback date, he appeared on SMing, a program dedicated to SM within Melon Station, and drew attention with the release of artist notes and the release of short-form videos through the artist channel.

In addition, thanks to the popularity of ‘Savage’, Aespa previous active song ‘Next Level’ also rose by one step and climbed to 5th place on the chart. On the other hand, The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber’s ‘STAY’, which remained at the top for 7 weeks in a row, fell one place to 2nd place after being beaten by Aespa. ‘STAY’, which has been in power for 7 weeks, after ranking first on the weekly chart, which is unusual for a foreign song

Meanwhile, ‘Love Always Runs’, sung by singer Lim Young-woong as an OST for the KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Gentleman and Lady’, first appeared on the weekly chart at #22. Released on the 11th, this song was sung by Lee Mun-se and released in 2011, and it was re-arranged and released in a version that maximized Lim Young-woong’s emotions. In addition, Lim Young-woong’s songs ‘Now I Only Trust’, ‘The Luxury of You’ and ‘HERO’, which had previously entered the weekly chart, also rose slightly and performed well on the charts.



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