Starring As Leads In The Upcoming Drama ‘The Witch Store Reopening’, Jung Yerin & CIX Yong Hee Collaborates With Singles Magazine

A spin-off of the web drama ‘Welcome to the Witch’s Shop’, in which the magazine ‘Singles’ broke 10 million views in 2019 and garnered a hot topic. Witch’s Store Reopening’ revealed attractive visual pictorials of GFRIEND’S Yerin and CIX Yonghee, who were chosen as the two main characters to challenge acting for the first time.

Yerin and Yonghee, who met in the sunny weather of autumn sunlight, laughed awkwardly, saying that it was their first time doing a couple pictorial, but when the shooting started, they matched each other’s breath and showed a natural pose. They completed a pictorial full of autumn atmosphere by showing unusual chemistry with warm-colored knits and atmospheric eyes. In particular, the staff at the filming set admired their perfect visuals, staring at the camera together, saying, “They match so well.”

Yerin and Yonghee, who play the main characters of the web drama ‘The Witch’s Store Reopening’, which will be aired in the second half of this year, will try acting for the first time.  Yerin said, “It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t feel any pressure about acting. I have a greater desire to do well, but I want to act appropriately and comfortably because mistakes will occur if I immerse myself too passionately.”  Yonghee said, “At first, it was a lot of pressure. However, the staff, especially the coach, gave me a lot of support, which gave me strength. In addition, the other actors I work with also encouraged each other, and I gained courage at the same time, perhaps because of the friendly atmosphere.” In addition, they recalled the first time they worked together in the script reading, saying, “It was awkward at first, but it feels like it fits well. It’s not perfect, but I’ve been improving since we met and practiced.” He also showed his passion for acting practice.

It is not easy to combine music and acting.  Yerin said, “There is a difference between music and acting. In the case of acting, it is a little difficult because I have to clearly express my thoughts and feelings. It’s still clumsy, but I believe it will get better if you do it.” Yonghee said, “The stage needs to be expressed in a more dynamic way than I thought. It seems to me,” he said, talking about the differences between the two genres. In addition, when asked about the secret of health care for doing two things at the same time, Yerin said, “I make sure to take vitamins these days and go to bed early,” and Yonghee said, “I try to sleep a lot when I can. I also drink Americano these days. Karen played a role in waking me up.” He also talked about tips for managing his condition.

The Witch Store Reopening‘, scheduled to release in December, is a teen fantasy romance that tells the story of a timid and helpless high school boy Han Ji-ho, who runs a shop after meeting Hae-na Lee, a witch who wants to protect a witch shop that is in danger of closing. Yong Hee, who joined ‘The Witch Store Reopening‘, will play the role of ‘Han Ji-ho’, an ordinary high school boy, and Yerin will play the role of ‘Lee Hae-na’, a black witch, the owner of the witch shop.

The visual pictorial featuring Yerin and Yonghee‘s fantastic collaboration, which will show their colorful charms, can be found in the October issue of ‘Singles’ and on the Singles website.



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