Netflix Series ‘Sweet Home’ And ‘Move To Heaven’ Have Been Nominated For The Grand Prize ‘2021 AACA National Winner’

The Netflix series ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Move to Heaven’ were chosen as the 2021 AACA National Winners and were nominated for the main prize. The Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA) is the largest content awards ceremony in Asia that reviews and awards the Asian content market for a year. It is held in Singapore on December 2 and 3 this year. announcing the award winners. While last year’s AACA, the dramas ‘Crash Landing on You’ and ‘Method’ won the Best Drama Series and Best Original Screenplay awards, respectively.

The Netflix original series ‘Sweet Home‘, which tells the bizarre and shocking story of a hermit high school student Hyeon-soo who lost his family and moved to an apartment, was awarded Best Director (Lee Eung Bok), Best Actress (Lee Si-young), Best Supporting Actress (Ko Min Si), and Best Supporting Actor (Lee Eung Bok ). (Lee Do Hyun), was selected in five categories for the Visual Special Effects Award. ‘Sweet Home’, which immediately captured viewers with a fresh story, powerful actors, and overwhelming creature visuals, ranked first in Netflix Today’s TOP 10 13 countries within 4 days of release, and ranked in the TOP 10 rankings in more than 70 countries. wrote history.

The Netflix original series ‘Move to Heaven‘, the story of Guru, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, and his guardian Sang-goo, helping those who have died in their final relocation and delivering stories they couldn’t tell the rest of them instead, won the Best Drama Series Award. , Best Actor (Lee Je Hoon) was selected in two categories. It is a work that conveys deep sympathy and warm healing energy with a warm gaze on life, death, and people with the theme of an item organizer. Everyone is paying attention to Netflix, which is creating a global hype by introducing high-quality Korean content to the world. Attention is captivated whether the Netflix series ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Move to Heaven’ will win the AACA final trophy on December 2nd and 3rd.

Congratulations to the casts and production staffs of ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Move to Heaven’ for a job well done!



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