Kim Seon Ho Looks Fresh In His Collaboration With ELLE Magazine And La Roche-Posay For His Latest Pictorial

Kim Seon Ho, a good-looking actor with perfect glass skin, boasted a refreshing charm.

On the 4th, magazine Elle released a beauty pictorial of Kim Seon Ho. In August during the monsoon season, Kim Seon Ho guested in the studio with a 120-degree greeting in a loud voice.

Kim Seon Ho, who is receiving a lot of affection for his romance with Shin Min Ah in the drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha, had a bright and clear face even after staying up all night the night before. He revealed that he is currently continuing on filming from morning to evening as he was filming for several seasons at once, but he showed encouragement to the staff with a loud voice until the end.

Kim Seon Ho‘s polite attitude, clear eyes, and laughter, who impressed the staff throughout the filming, were all honestly captured in the pictorial. As a synonym for honest personality and eyes, it perfectly matched Kim Seon Ho, who has a harmless image. He boasted a clear skin tone and even skin texture.



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