Following The Success Of “Squid Game”, Jung Ho Yeon’s Popularity Keeps Rising

The global media and global fans’ reaction to actress Jung Ho Yeon is hot.

While the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’, which was released on September 17, is getting a hot reaction day by day, the reaction of foreign media to Jeong Ho-yeon, who has emerged as a global trend, is also receiving favorable reviews.

According to Netflix, Netflix CEO and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos of ‘Squid Game’, “It has the potential to be the biggest of all Netflix shows to date.” In ‘Squid Game’, which caused a global syndrome to the point where it was the first Korean series to top Netflix in the United States and topped the list in 39 countries including England, France, Germany, etc.

Jung Ho Yeon Instagram followers is also increasing in numbers, which was 400,000 before the release of ‘Squid Game’, and surged more than 15 times at once, exceeding 6.6 million (as of the morning of September 29). It catches the attention of the fans and creates a reverse run.

In particular, the US Vogue YouTube channel, which has 10.4 million subscribers, added ‘Squid Game’ to the title of the video released 4 years ago, making the influence of Jeong Ho-yeon feel real. In response, the subscribers are also actively responding to the movement of American Vogue by saying, “Please invite her again.”

Interest and favorable reviews for Jeong Ho-yeon can be confirmed through media all over the world. America’s Marie Claire magazine cheered, saying, “Jung Ho Yeon’s intense and captivating acting made her the star of this show, and I have no doubt that she will revolutionize the Korean entertainment industry.”

In addition to this, she has captivated viewers with her excellent acting ability that perfectly depicts dawn” (allkpop, USA), “The most amazing and charming acting” (COSMOPOLITAN, Philippines), “Every scene was captivating” (COSMOPOLITAN, Philippines), etc. is expressing interest in Jeong Ho-yeon.

In this way, Jung Ho Yeon successfully opened the first door to announce her progress as an actress, drawing admiration and favorable reviews from domestic and foreign media.



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