Jo Jung Suk Spoofs ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ in New Episode of ‘SNL Korea’ + Transform as AI Waiter Alpha Joe

The fourth guests of Coupang Play’s first original comedy show ‘SNL Korea’ is Jo Jung Suk.

Coupang Play’s first original comedy show ‘SNL Korea’ will go on a 100% laugh hunt with The Host Jo Jung Suk on September 25.

Jo Jung Suk, a strong actor who has a solid ability to dance, sing, and act, focuses attention on his outstanding ability to act and witty power as well as his great ability to play a big role.

First, the popular drama ‘Hospital Playlist’, which has been successful with high ratings, will be newly created as ‘SNL Korea’ version. Jo Jung Suk will once again be a member of the Yulje Hospital with the members of the decomposing crew, Jung Sang-hoon, Ahn Young-mi, Kwon Hyuk-soo and Lee Soo-ji.

In the YouTube Love Counseling Center corner, the love master YouTuber Cho Jeong-sun will be transformed into a character of Alpha Joe, a junior of the AI Acting artisan, Gigafuni, who causes the reality laughter of The Hosts, and will show off his perfect best friend, Kimi, and will convey his thorough fun. Jo Jung Suk, who has become a perfect one with SNL Korea through corners such as ‘The Seungseok of Nego’ where unique and brilliant acting shines and ‘Spider Joe’, which predicts the birth of a new hero, will target viewers’ laughter buttons with his great success.

Meanwhile, the fixed corner of ‘SNL Korea’, ‘Wickend Update’, will give a high-quality smile by delightfully drawing various social issues that are also gathering topics this week. Also, in the corner of ‘Finding Our Forgotten Drinking Game’, which remembers the era before Pandemic, comedian Yoon Taek will appear as a cameo and make the first row of the house into a laughing sea.

SNL Korea, which adds fresh fun every time with the activities of the past The Hosts and the breathing of the crew members who become more sticky as the society continues, will cool off the stress of the week with the laughter that bursts out this week.

‘SNL Korea’ is open to the public every Saturday at 10 pm through Coupang Play.



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