Lee Jong Suk Talks About Playing a Married Man in “Big Mouth” Said “It’s worth the challenge”

Actor Lee Jong Suk‘s fashion pictorial was released.

As a Prada Ambassador, the theme of this pictorial with the 2021 F/W collection is a mixed scene of reality and unreality due to reality and distortion, transformation and repetition. Lee Jong Suk stood on a distorted background with digital effects, creating a touch between reality and virtual space.

In the interview that followed after the photo shoot, Lee Jong Suk expressed his expectations for the films ‘The Witch 2‘ and ‘Decibel‘.

“‘Witch 2’ is a fun role because it’s a villain-like character, not a villain. I watched the scenarios for ‘Decibel’ and read it smoothly. I decided to appear in this role because I thought it would be worthy of a challenge.”

The reason for choosing the drama ‘Big Mouth‘ as a comeback was also revealed.

“It’s a role that’s a little bit older. It’s also about getting married. If I were to take on a challenge, I would feel stressed and compelled to do well, but I thought it was worth it. I thought it would be fun, and I wanted something new,”

he said, revealing his change and joy as an actor.



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