6 Remarkable Korean Dramas Featuring Yoon Kyun Sang

1.’ Pinocchio as Ki Jae Myung

In the series ‘ Pinocchio ‘ Yoon Kyun Sang played the role of Ki Jae Myung which is the older brother of Ha Myung.

2. ‘The Six Dragons’ as Moo Hyul

In the series ‘The Six Dragons’ Yoon Kyun Sang portrayed the role of Moo Hyul who is the best swordsman in Joseon.

3. ‘The Doctors’ as Jung Yoon Do

In the series ‘The Doctors’ Jung Yoon Do is a  neurosurgeon as well as a visiting staff who is from a wealthy family. He is not good with rough situations in society. However, he knows how to handle his work with strictness. He finds himself attracted to Yoo Hye Jung, who is very different from him.

4. ‘The Rebel’ as Hong Gil Dong

In the series ‘The Rebel’, Hong Gil Dong is a son  of a servant who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, and his journey in becoming Joseon’s first revolutionary activist.

5. ‘Oh, the Mysteriousas Kim Jong-sam/Oh Il-seung

In the series ‘Oh, the Mysterious’, Kim Jong-sam/Oh Il-seung is a framed ex-convict and prison escapee who eventually becomes a fake detective that becomes a part of Metropolitan Investigation Unit. He is intelligent and fast at what he does while being handsome and firm

6. ‘Clean With Passion for nowas Jang Seon Kyul

In the series ‘Clean with Passion for Now’, Jang Seon Kyul is a wealthy and handsome CEO of “Cleaning Fairy” who has mysophobia, a condition on where an individual has a fear of dirt. Eventually he meets Gil Oh Sol a carefree and untidy girl who he fell in love with.

Upcoming Drama “The Mansion”

Yoon Kyun Sang is set to Star in the upcoming drama ‘The Mansion’ which will air on 2022. The story is a mystery thriller that finds the truth of a missing sister in an apartment that is scheduled to be reconstructed. Suspicious neighbors who hide their greed behind ordinary appearances and the secrets that are revealed the more they dig are expected to provide intense suspense in conjunction with the extreme fear of reality.


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