10 Korean Dramas Featuring Wi Ha Joon, (who portrayed Netflix’s “Squid Game” police officer Hwang Jun Ho)

1.) “Squid Game” as Hwang Jun Ho

In the series ‘Squid Game’ Hwang Jun Ho is a police officer that investigates the people behind ‘Squid Game’ and at the same time, he is looking for his brother who’s name is  Hwang In Ho.

2. ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ as Ha Joon

In the series ‘Goodbye Mr. Black’ Wi Ha Joon is part of the extended casts on the said series.

3. ‘My Golden Life’ as Ryu Jae-shin

In the series ‘My Golden Life’ Wi Ha Joon plays the role of Ryu Jae Shin, the former driver of  Choi Seo Hyun

4. ‘Something in the Rain’ as Yoon Seung-ho

In the series ‘Something in the Rain’, Yoon Seung-ho is the younger brother of Jin Ah and the bestfriend of  Joon Hee.

5. ”Island Trio’ as Wi Ha Joon

In the series ‘Island Trio’ Wi Ha Joon was one of the guests for its season 2.

6. ‘Matrimonial Chaosas Im Shi Ho

In the series ‘Matrimonial Chaos’, Im Shi Ho is a man who is 29 years old. Other details about Wi Ha Joon‘s character is not highlighted since the role is only an extra character.

7. ‘Romance Is a Bonus Bookas Ji Seo Joon

In the series ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’, Ji Seo Joon is a freelance book designer the publishing company is looking to hire, who also happened to cross paths with Kang Dan I and later develops feelings for her. He and Cha Eun Ho have a turbulent relationship related their feelings for Kang Dan I. They are connected to the mystery behind a famous author, Kang Byeong Jun’s retirement.

8. ‘Soul Mechanic’ as Oh Yoo Min

In the series ‘Soul Mechanic’ , Wi Ha Joon has a special appearance in the character named Oh Yoo Min which appeared in episodes 1 and 4.

9. ’18 again’ as Ye Ji Hoon

In the series ’18 again’ Ye Ji Hoon is a famous baseball athlete, the pitcher for Seum Wolves. Ji Hoon is well-known and admired by his fans (which includes Dae Young) for his perfect strike-outs. He endorses a number of commercial products, including Go Deok Jin’s mobile game. He takes the parenting responsibility of his niece, Ye Seo Yeon after her father (Ji Hoon’s elder brother) passed away due to a traffic accident and her mother abandoned the family. He harbors feelings toward Jung Da Jung because she reminds him of his late brother, but later encourages her to reconcile with her husband Dae Young after realising that Da Jung’s feelings still remain towards her husband. He is grateful towards Dae Young for saving his niece from the car accident wreckage despite him failing to save his brother on time.

10. UPCOMING: “Bad And Crazy” as K

Wi Ha Joon is confirmed to star as K in “Bad And Crazy,” alongside “Tale Of The Nine Tailed” actor Lee Dong Wook.


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