Official Photos Of SHINee Taemin As A Member Of Military Band

The recent status of Taemin, a member of the group SHINee, was reported while serving in the military.

On the 16th, the Military Manpower Administration uploaded a photo of Taeminwho is one of the private military bands on their official blog.

In the photo, Taemin is showing a mature image while wearing his military uniform. His warmth and charisma are felt at the same time when he poses in a salute or plays the piano.

The Military Manpower Administration presented Taemin with the 2019 Winter Issue of the Military Manpower Administration’s Encyclopedia (Praise for Youth) with photos and interviews of SHINee‘s Minho. Taemin looks at this and smiles broadly.

In an interview, Taemin said, “I usually enjoyed singing, and it was the best fit for me.” He said, “I have the advantage of being able to develop my own special skills by utilizing my skills.”

He added, “I want to meet my family and pets on my first vacation,” and “I miss my fans so much.”

Meanwhile, Taemin was enlisted at the Army Training Center on May 31st, and after receiving basic military training, he started his service in the army’s military band. He released his third mini-album ‘Advice‘ on May 18 ahead of his enlistment, and said, “I hope that it will give you some comfort during the hiatus.”


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