SULLYOON To Join The Upcoming Girl Group of JYP Entertainment

JYP uploaded a dance cover video on their new YouTube channel ‘JYPn’ on September 6th and first revealed the new girl group members Genie, Jiu, and Gyujin. The three members performed that showcased their individuality and power, and the video achieved attracting audiences. In fact, it reached more than 1 million views on Youtube in just 5 days since its release date. On the 20th, thanks to the warm interest, the ‘pink pants’ and several behind-the-scenes videos, which include the solo cover content of member Genie, who heated up the internet online, were also released and received a clear impact as a K-pop star.

On the 3rd, the new cover content ‘Full Moon Cover | QUALIFYING’ (Full Moon Cover | Qualifying) video was uploaded which revealed SULLYOONSULLYOON gained a lot of interest as the fourth member, especially that she was hidden from the public.

In the video that contains a natural atmosphere reminiscent of a home video, SULLYOON lit up a special presence in line with Sunmi’s ‘Full Moon’. The soft tone and solid vocal skills which match the unique mystery of the song ‘Full Moon’ have increased viewers’ excitement, and SULLYOON’s all-time visual, which is unique from the previously revealed members, is the ‘ JYP new face’. ‘ which raised the expectation higher.

JYP created the 4th division of artists for a new girl group in 2022 and is focusing on its debut project. In July of this year, under the slogan of “GRAB YOUR FUTURE”, for ten days at several domestic and foreign music sites, they organized a special promotion to sell the ‘Blind Package’, debut’s limited edition album and did not reveal any information about the group. Under the situation, the pre-order reached 61,667 copies, which shows the public’s strong trust in JYP, a ‘girl group hit song’. Lately, the official teasing website has been opened and a full-fledged debut promotion is being fulfilled. The information of the newest girl group which includes team composition and concept will be revealed on their website.

While, ‘JYPn’ from the 4th division of the artist contains several definitions like next, now, new, unknown ‘n’, and it is expected to create a new wave in the K-pop area by delivering a wave that exceeds expectations with n, which has continuous possibilities. 


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