Song Joohee (Alice) Officially Signs With Pop Music And Will Release The Song ‘I Love You”

Alice (real name Song Joo-hee), a singer and actress from the group Hello Venus, signed an exclusive contract with her new agency, Pop Music, and released a new song.

On the September 3, a representative of Pop Music said, “Alice has been working with Pop Music for a long time and has built trust with Pop Music officially. The new song ‘I love you’, which she worked on in her new agency, Pop Music, will be released today at noon.” We plan to support Song Joo-hee’s activities generously.”

According to Pop Music, Alice’s new song ‘I Love You’ is a ballad genre song completed with 1990s emotional beat and impressive sound. Kim Sang-hoon from group W wrote and composed the lyrics, and Saya, a member of the three-member mixed group SWAY, participated in the chorus. It is an explanation that the lonely emotions felt after parting with a loved one are captured in Alice’s unique faint voice.

Also, this new song is the third sound source of Alice’s solo project that she started at the beginning of this year. Alice previously released solo songs such as ‘We Are Like This’ and ‘Secret’ along with pop music.

The activities of ‘Actress Song Joo-hee’ under her real name will also be accelerated with the support of pop music. Song Joo-hee this year TV Chosun drama ‘Vengeance’ and tvN’s ‘One day, destruction came through the front door of our house”

Meanwhile, Alice, who debuted as a member of the girl group Hello Venus in 2012, has been loved as the team leader and main vocalist, leading the team’s popularity with her unique tone, excellent singing ability, and unique sense of entertainment. Since 2016, he has expanded his scope not only as a singer and actor, but also to musicals, and has been well received by appearing in ‘All Shook Up’, ‘Nonsense 2’ and ‘Hero’s True Color’.

Pop Music is a music and performance agency affiliated with Clazzi of the Clazziquai Project, as well as the mixed group Sway. It is known as the place where the OST was produced. Recently, he is producing the musical ‘Crash Landing on You’, which will be released next year.



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