MAMAMOO To Release ‘I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST’ Album By September 15

Mamamoo is going to release the best album covering the 7 years of their activities as a group since their debut.

RBW issued a statement on the 3rd that Mamamoo will release the best album ‘I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST’ on the 15th. The album is the way to celebrate the footsteps of Mamamoo, who made the return of 7 years. Moreover, it was inspired by the greetings to introduce Mamamoo. It is expected that this album will best showcase the group.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo is going to release this newest album three months since their mini-album ‘WAW’ was released last June. The new album contains their previous hit which the fans wanted to hear that includes ‘Sky, Earth, and Ocean’ which is their unreleased song, and ‘Obviously we were good back then’, which is their hidden track performed at their online concert. To be exact, Mamamoo is re-recording their hit songs to thank fans for their unending love and support for 7 years. While the song collaboration with other artists will be made as a Mamamoo’s version. The album will be filled with rich tracks.

In addition, Mamamoo showed the web jacket of the best album ‘I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST’ on their official SNS account at 00:00 on the 3rd. The logo in the photo forms a crown placed on a diamond which suggests Mamamoo ‘s brilliant moments.

Mamamoo which debuted in 2014, has created its own title as a K-pop girl group with excellent singing skills, breathtaking performances, and outstanding stage dominance. Recently, they’re actively appearing in several entertainment programs, creators, and radio hosts, showing off their versatile charm.

With the four members, four distinct personalities, their solo activities were successful which even broke records, and they stood tall as the only group that succeeded in both group and solo activities.

Additionally, Mamamoo continues their hard work such as launching the ‘2021 Where Are We (WAW)’ project to commemorate the 7th anniversary since its debut, releasing the 11th mini-album, organizing the first online concert, and releasing the best album.


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