Singer Ha Sung Woon Will Release The 2nd OST ‘Thank You’ Of Teabing’s Original ‘Transferring Love’.

Transfer Romance confirmed on the 2nd that tomorrow at 6 pm KST the second OST ‘Thank you’ sung by Ha Sung-Woon will be released on the biggest local music sites.

Thank you‘ lyrics are about who starts love and those who are at the end situations in which everyone can relate. From the lyrics, we can recall the past when we are watching the ex-lover starting a new love which also represents the situation of everyone who appears in ‘Transferring Love‘.

It is expected that the acoustic guitar sound and Ha Sung Woon’s sweet voice will remind the listeners of the love’s sweetest moment in the past and will give them the moment to think the vague memories.

Following the first OST ‘Will it is the Sun’, the composer of ‘GDLO’ of Monotree, the one who wrote and composed the lyrics for this OST, said that some love comes to an end while some starts. The moment of the end of love and the beginning of new love, the thank you will transcend slightly different feelings.

Ha Sung-Woon‘s OST Part 2 ‘Thank You‘ for ‘Transferring Love‘ will be available on the 3rd at 6 pm on major domestic music sites.

Meanwhile, ‘Transferring Love‘ is a love reality program in which couples who have been separated for several reasons unite to reminisce past love and find new love.