NORAZO Prepares For Their Comeback By Mid September

Maru Entertainment issued a statement on the 2nd that Norazo is currently preparing for their comeback which is targeted by the mid of September. This new digital single will be released after 5 months since ‘Vegetables’ was released in April this year.  Norazo, who prayed for the health of all the people in their previous work, is already interested in what kind of ingenious concept they will show the public.

Norazo , who debuted in 2005, received a lot of affection with the hit song ‘Superman’ released in 2008 and established themselves as a unique character in the music industry. In particular, through ‘Cider’, which was released in 2018, they performed several activities through receiving music broadcasts as well as several entertainment programs and advertisements. Since then, Norazo’s unique genre was established with the songs ‘Shower’, ‘Bread’, and ‘Vegetables‘ one after another.

Meanwhile, fans’ attention is focused on the news of Norazo ‘s comeback, which always showcases positive energy with music that is satisfying to the eyes and ears, the exact comeback date and their concept is still unknown which raises curiosity among fans.

On the other hand, Norazo is inciting for the final new song work and their goal in making a comeback by mid-September.


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