ITZY Will Have An Official Japanese Debut

JYP Entertainment issued a statement on the 1st that ITZY, which got a lot of attention all over the world will be having a debut in the Japanese music market with the help of Warner Music Japan.”

Moreover, in response to the strong support from local fans, the Japanese digital album ‘Watts ITZY’ (Watts ITZY) was released at 00:00 on the 1st and the official Japanese site was opened. The album contains title songs that achieved 5 consecutive hits, starting with the debut song ‘Dalla Dalla’, ‘ICy’, ‘Wannabe’, ‘Not Shay’, and ‘Mafia in the Morning’.  The news about ITZY ‘s Japanese debut will be available in a sequence that will be uploaded on their official site. While their first full-length album ‘Crazy in Love‘, which will be released New news about ITZY’s Japanese debut will be released sequentially through the official site, and the first full-length album ‘Crazy in Love‘, which will be released on September 24, can also be found as a physical album locally.

Even before their Japanese debut, ITZY captured a lot of attention from several local media and also bagged the Twitter trend rankings.  Thus, ‘Gets Who’ which was released on April 30th achieved outstanding results that even place #6 on the Japanese Oricon Chart Weekly Album Ranking (2021.05.17~05.23) and placed #5 on the Billboard Japan Download Album Chart in May.

Additionally, ITZY increased the hype atmosphere for their comeback by releasing their scheduler image on their official SNS channel at 00:00 on the 1st in advance before the release of their first full album ‘Crazy in Love‘ and the title song ‘ Loco‘ on the 24th. According to the scheduler, the events are as follows; spoiler live on the 5th, the opening trailer will be released on the 6th, the ‘ Loco‘ concept image will be uploaded from 7th to 9th, the new tracklist will be available on the 10th, the photobook preview can be found starting from the 13th to the 15th, and the b-side song ‘s’ is readily available on the 16th and 17th. Open the concept image of ‘Wife’ (swipe). Next, the album spoiler will be released on the 20th, the music video teaser for ‘Swipe’ will be uploaded on the 21st, the music video teaser for the title song ‘ Loco‘ will be available on the 22nd and 23rd, and a comeback at ‘#OUTNOW’ of Naver NOW. While they will open a show and meet the fans. Finally, on the 27 they will release their full music video for the b-side song ‘Swipe’. ITZY celebrates the release of its first full-length album by teasing content that contains all its efforts and which will expectedly increase the satisfaction of domestic and foreign fans.

The new song ‘ Loco‘ was composed by the popular songwriting team, War of Stars * (GALACTIKA*), who also composed the group’s representative song, and the hit songs ‘Dalla Dala’ and ‘Wannabe’.  ITZY will release their newest album ‘Crazy in Love‘ and the title song ‘Loco‘ after about 5 months at 1 pm (00:00 EST) on the 24th, and has a goal for the music industry in the second half of 2021.


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