YUJU Officially Signs An Exclusive Contract With Konnect Entertainment

GFRIEND‘s Yuju joins KONNECT Entertainment as a new family member.

Konnect Entertainment announced on September 1, “We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Yuju, who has a unique and powerful voice. She has proven her versatile potential as an artist and we will actively support her through our expert, optimized management so that she can express her full potential.”

Yuju debuted in 2015 and has been loved as the main vocalist of the group GFRIEND. He is considered a vocalist who can reinterpret her own style as well as her innate rhythm, tone, and wide range. With this contract as a starting point, the second act of a musical life that will become more distinct beyond the successful group history has begun.

Yuju said, “I feel secure to be working with KONNECT Entertainment, which has shared with me their good energy and sincere respect. I want to approach the public in a new way with an honest image and diverse music.”

KONNECT Entertainment has been growing rapidly since it was founded with Daniel Kang as the the owner. Recently, he started working with CL (CL) and Chancellor in order to expand the artist lineup.



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