Blackpink LISA Surpass More Than 700,000 Album Pre-orders For Her Solo Single Album ‘LALISA’ In Just Four Days

BLACKPINK Lisa achieves a new record early ahead of her solo debut, which proved her powerful global influence.YG Entertainment confirmed that Lisa‘s solo single album ‘LALISA’ achieves 700,000 pre-orders in just four days (as of August 30) after pre-orders began on the 26th. Although it is the first count, it already achieved the highest number of pre-orders for a single album by a K-pop female solo artist. With about 10 days left until the official release of the album, the order volume is expected to rise further.

Orders are coming from several countries such as the United States, China, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia, as well as Korea. As we can get a glimpse of Lisa‘s powerful presence in the global music market, we are looking forward to the new history of K-pop female soloists that she is going to write about. Lisa, who has outstanding dancing skills, rapping skills, and a gorgeous appearance, has been in perfect match with the BLACKPINK members and has shown strong attraction in the solo part.

The situation drew a lot of attention she is planning to expand her abilities as a solo artist with the alum ‘LALISA’ under her own name.  YG foretold the music that melted Lisa‘s identity and the culmination of a performance that transcends the charisma he has shown so far.

Meanwhile, Lisa‘s’LALISA’ physical album will be released in three ways CD, Kit (KiT), and LP.  While the song will be available on September 10th at 0 PM Eastern Time and 1 PM Korean Time.


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