Seori Is Set To Release Her 4th Single ‘Dive With You’ Featuring DAY6 Jae

Singer-songwriter Seori plans to release her 4th single ‘Dive With You’ featuring DAY6 band member member Jae. On the 18th, Seori posted a lyric teaser image of her upcoming 4th single ‘Dive with you (feat. eaJ)’, which will be released at 6 pm on the 22nd on her official SNS account.

The lyric teaser image provides coolness with the fresh sky and sea background like the previously released album cover.

Along with this, “We are someone in the highlight / A paradise just for the two of us / Throw ourselves at this end. Hug us like it will explode / You are summer of my life / I will fill only you in my eyes. This is our drama. With this moment / As the thrilling lyrics of “Everyday I dive with you” take off the veil, music fans’ interest in “Dive with you” is on the rise.

‘Dive with you’ is a newest song that will be released two months after Surrey’s ‘Long Night’ released in June, and a sound source revealed that Jae participated in featuring under the name eaJ. Seori and J are planning to create a special musical synergy once again after ‘It just is’, which was released on YouTube last year. In addition to the release of ‘Dive with you’, the ‘HITC (Head In The Clouds & Arts Festival)’ hosted by 88 Rising will be held in the US in November.


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