Crush and Red Velvet Joy Confirmed To Be Dating.

Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush are dating.

On August 23, Red Velvet Joy and Crush agency, SM Entertainment and PNation, confirmed to Ten Asia that they were dating, saying, “We met as seniors and juniors recently, and we started dating.”

Earlier, it was reported that Joy and Crush of Red Velvet are dating. According to reports, the two became friends last year while working together on the first single of Crush’s homemade series, ‘I wake up,’ and then became lovers.

Dogs, become their common interest, gives the opportunity for the two to become closer. They added that the two grew in love by taking a walk with their dog.

Crush was born in 1992 and is 30 this year, and Joy is 26 years old, born in 1996. The two are four years apart.

Joy debuted as a member of Red Velvet in 2014 and released hit songs such as ‘Dumb Dumb’, ‘Ice Cream Cake’, ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘Peekaboo’ and ‘Red Flavor’, and also released her first solo album in May.

In addition to Red Velvet activities, she started acting under her real name Park Soo-young, appearing in ‘The Liar and His Lover’ in 2017 and ‘The Great Seducer’ in 2018.

Crush debuted as a master piece with Cheetah in 2012, then went solo. Since then, the drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ OST ‘Sleepless Night’, ‘Goblin’ OST ‘Beautiful’ etc.

Crush has been serving in the military as a social service worker since November last year.


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