ONEUS’ Seoho & Keonhee To Release Their Reinterpretation of 10cm’s ‘Tonight I’m Afraid of the Dark’

Seoho and Keonhee, who recently appeared on Mnet’sThe Playlist‘, which aired on the night of the 18th, along with the main vocals of ONF and We.I. Today, Soho and Geonhee showed off their unique presence from the start with their excellent random dance skills, went on the first live stage, and sang SHINee’s ‘Prism’ filled with memories of their trainee days, focusing their eyes and ears with their sweet voice and beautiful harmony. 

Then, Seoho selected 2AM’s ‘Confession of a Friend’ as a playlist that contains the memories of their audition and purged the eardrums of the listeners with a perfect unaccompanied roar despite the sudden suggestion. Moreover, Seoho and Keonhee sang Onewe’s ‘Asteroid’, which was selected as a daily playlist, together, and finished the song with a different feeling from Onewe, giving an all-time great gwihogang. 

Finally, Seoho and Geonhee reinterpreted the 10-cm ‘I’m afraid of the dark tonight’ as a reverse-running playlist song, and exuded the charm of ‘eardrum boyfriend’ with a refreshing mood and calm sensibility that goes well with midsummer.

Seoho and Geonhee not only showed off their outstanding vocal skills, but also their outstanding dance skills, and their sense of entertainment with their sensible wit, and showed off the capabilities of ‘all-round idols’. 

On the other hand, 10cm’s ‘I’m afraid of the dark tonight’ sung by OneusSeoho and Keonhee will be released on various music sites at noon on the 19th, and Oneus is carrying out a special project ‘Oneus Theater’ this year.


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