GFRIEND Yerin Confirms Female Lead In Upcoming Web Drama ‘Witch Shop Re-open’

GFriend Yerin, has been cast as the main lead in the upcoming web drama ‘The Witch’s Store Reopening’.

According to her agency Sublime Artist Agency on August 19, Yerin will appear as ‘Lee Hae-na’ in ‘The Witch Store Reopening’.

‘Witch Shop Reopening’ is the story of Hae-na Lee, the owner of a witch shop, a timid and helpless high school student, Ji-ho, who struggles to revive a store that is on the verge of closing. It is a drama depicting the growth of characters who change through feelings of friendship and love.

In the drama, Yerin takes on the role of ‘Lee Hae-na’, a black witch whose hobby has the habit of cursing and her specialty is curses. Hanna, who has excellent beauty and magical skills to attract humans, but has zero store sales skills, will delightfully portray the process of re-creating the witch shop, which is on the verge of closing, with the help of her friends.

Yerin, who made her drama debut with this work, said:

“I am happy and excited to be able to show a new side to my fans. It’s my first time greeting an actor, so I’m very nervous, but I’m working hard to show a good side of me. We ask for a lot of support.”

Yerin, who debuted as member ‘GFRIEND’ in 2015, is active in various fields and is loved by fans. Attention is also focused on her appearance as an idol turned actor.

‘The Witch Shop Reopening’ is scheduled to be released in December.



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