TXT Looking Sweet And Dreamy In Their Latest Pictorial With 1st Look Magazine

The preppy look concept pictorial of the boy group Tomorrow X Together has been released.

Tomorrow X Together decorated the cover of First Look, which was released on August 19th.

The pictorial contains various images of the members who spend their free time on campus. In the active cut with bicycles, boards and rugby balls, the members of Tomorrow X Together perfectly digested the American classic style of Polo Ralph Lauren.

In particular, in the group cut, which showed various styles of cricket sweaters and knits, each member’s individuality and different fashion senses are revealed. You can feel the coming autumn through the preppy look using flag knits, baseball jackets, shirts and ball caps.

In the interview that followed, Taehyun said about the 2nd regular repackage album ‘Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’, “It contains a fan song that is released for the first time since debut. This song was made with the desire to be together with MOA people from the first meeting until now, and for a long time to come. All the members wrote the lyrics with sincerity. There were so many things I wanted to say that I had a hard time getting rid of them. I picked my heart for MOAs, picked them, and pressed them down.”

When asked what kind of evaluation he would like to receive about this album, leader Subin said, “It’s like ‘Tomorrow x Together’. We want to be recognized for having found our color with more certainty. Personally, I take great pride in the fact that there is a clear color that comes to mind when you think of Tomorrow X Together. Even though I can’t pinpoint and explain it in standardized words, I want to make music that everyone says ‘It’s like Tomorrow X Together’, and I want to continue that trend more firmly through this album’s activities.”

Tomorrow by Together’s pictorial and interview can be found through the magazine First Look No. 224 published on August 18.