TWICE Nayeon Shares She Is Trying To Reduce The Use Of Disposable Items

TWICE Nayeon revealed that she is trying to reduce disposables.

Nayeon conducted an interview with the fashion magazine Elle for the September issue.

The photo shoot captured Nayeon’s healthy image and skin, as well as a pleasant encounter with a beauty brand that aims for a healthy and sustainable life. As it was a shoot with the Blue Beauty brand, which is trying to make positive changes to the earth and the sea, Nayeon also showed interest in the environment and practice in an interview after the pictorial.

Nayeon said, “I try to reduce the use of disposable products. Sometimes when ordering food for delivery, I try to choose a place that uses recyclable paper containers as much as possible.” She also said that he felt the importance of comfort and rest from nature after completing the ‘Alcohol-Free’ activity.

Nayeon, who showed off her shiny skin throughout the shoot, said, “I enjoy skin care. When I find a good product, I get excited and work hard to recommend it to the members. When I feel that my skin condition is a little bad, I only apply the cream a few times,” he shared skincare tips.

When asked about the joy of visually conveying music as it is showing various concepts, he said, “It is very fun and motivating. As I have tried so many different things since my debut, I feel the importance of new ideas more and more. I am having fun thinking about it with the members.”

Nayeon’s pictorial interview and video can be viewed in the September issue of Elle, her website, and Elle’s YouTube.



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