Golden Child’s ‘Ra Pam Pam’ #2 On Billboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales Chart’

The Billboard Chart confirmed on August 21 that the song ‘Ra Pam Pam’ of Golden Child ‘s 2nd full album ‘GAME CHANGER’ which was released on August 17 is at the #2 spot in the Billboard World Digital Song Sales. ‘Ra Pam Pam’ was placed after BTS’ ‘Begin’ which was placed at the #1 spot. This just proves the global popularity of the group Golden Child.

Furthermore, Golden Child ranked at 37th place on the Digital Song Sales Chart, which is considered one of Billboard’s top charts. With that, Golden Child is the third male idol group to be named on the chart, so it was one of the greatest achievements of the group.

‘Rafaam Farm’ was released on August 2 at 6 pm, immediately bagged the #1 spot in Mongolia’s iTunes Top Songs. Furthermore, ‘Game Changer’ is #1 in Turkey, #2 in Israel and Thailand, Australia, Singapore, the United States, Spain. While, it entered the TOP5 spot in 11 countries and regions, including Indonesia and Malaysia at 3rd place and Hong Kong and Canada at 5th place.

‘Complete idol’ has outstanding global chart results. The title is from an onomatopoeia that expresses the sound of the beating of the heart, ‘Ra Pam Pam’ is a song that contains the heartbreaking will to seek hope in a situation of anxiety and chaos. It is Golden Child‘s own Moombahton, which uses brass instruments, flutes, and percussion sounds that are unique to South American music, which you can enjoy the standard of restrained intensity.



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