CL to officially release her single ‘SPICY’ on August 24

The first single from CL’s first full-length album ‘ALPHA’ has been partially unveiled.

The title of this new song is ‘SPICY’, and CL raised expectations by releasing a music video teaser video.

At 6pm KST on August 19th, the first music video teaser video of ‘SPICY’, which was released on CL’s official SNS channel, showed CL and several dancers standing together with a huge LED with unique patterns in the background. Then, the title of this single was revealed as the letters ‘SPICY’, which had an impressive metallic design, were completed and disappeared.

The intense beat flowing in the background of the teaser video foretells that this ‘SPICY’ will be a hip-hop song that will capture CL’s unique charisma like ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Hello Bitches’.

‘SPICY’, like the first single from ‘ALPHA’, was made by great actor John Malkovich and added a special touch.

The words ‘ENERGY’, ‘POWER’, and ‘CHEMISTRY’ heard at the beginning of the teaser video are also part of the narration that John Malkovich participated in this ‘SPICY’.

John Malkovich, who made a relationship with CL through the movie ‘Mile22’, has continued to maintain a good relationship as a mentor by giving advice to CL. It is rumored that the narration of this new song also willingly participated in CL’s request.

CL’s first single ‘SPICY’ is finally unveiling after a long wait.

In addition, CL will release the second single of ‘ALPHA’ in September, starting with ‘SPICY’ this time, and the entire ‘ALPHA’ album in October.



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