Pledis Confirms Fromis_9 Will Make Their Comeback In Early September

The group Fromis_9 is making a comeback.

On August 17, an official from Pledis Entertainment, the agency, said in a phone call with My Daily, “Fromis_9 is preparing to release a new song in early September and make a comeback.” This comeback is about 4 months after the second single ‘9 Way Ticket’ that was released in May.

In particular, the news of this comeback draws more attention as Fromis_9’s first move after transferring to Pledis Entertainment last August16.

Pledis Entertainment announced, “We are very happy to be with Fromis_9, and we will meet fans through more active and colorful activities in the future and support them to grow as artists.”

Fromis_9 was formed through Mnet’s audition program ‘Idol School’ in 2017, and officially debuted in 2018. After releasing ‘Nine Way Ticket’ in May and breaking its own Initial sales record, it has been loved for such as the title song ‘We Go’.



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